Does it look like we're having fun?  Wanna be a part of it?

It's our annual recruiting drive!  Are you an urban explorer?  Do you want to be a paranormal investigator?  If you do, we want to talk to YOU!  Just keep in mind this involves a LOT of work and dedication, and it's not a paying position.  We're volunteers just doing what we love.  We meet once monthly in person and investigate that same day.  Sometimes we investigate more if called upon, especially for private cases.  We ask that prospective team members supply their own basic equipment.  That means a digital camera of 8mp or more, a hand-held digital audio recorder, an EMF detector, and that you have a computer for evidence review.  Every member will have duties outside of just investigating.  Keep in mind that reasonable monthly dues are required as these pay for publics sites and team equipment.  If you're interested, just follow the link below!

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The PRT is looking for both public and private cases to investigate, and to help those in need to understand if the activity that they've experienced is paranormal in nature. Our goal is always to teach you about whatever you've experienced and to provide a resolution if it is desired. Please keep in mind that unlike certain television programs, the vast majority of activity is NOT malevolent and can be tolerated without extreme response. However, we do understand that it can still be unnerving and a resolution may still be the best outcome. If you need a team to investigate and document what's happening, please consider us for your paranormal needs. Just hit the button to the right to send us your details.


Berdyans’k t1d Investigations

We perform in-depth investigations consisting of data collection & live monitoring, using the latest in electronic equipment at your location.  We can also research the history of any property, when called for, including historical data (if available) & interviews with locals (with your permission, of course). After an evidence review session by our team, we'll go over any pertinent evidence with you and give recommendations, if any.  We will treat any results with the utmost confidentiality unless you desire to have them released to the public.

site de rencontre gay asiatique Appearances

PRT members are available for seminars, presentations, interviews with media entities, workshops, and charitable organization appearances as requested.  If you have an event that you wish to schedule, we highly recommend that you reserve well in advance, as of course we are investigating with most of our spare time. Simply use the contact button found on this page or call our team.

site de rencontre coquines gratuit anteriorly Tours

Want to learn more about the world of the paranormal?  If you'd like to learn more about ghost hunting and its aspects, or if you just want a creepy experience and the story behind it, we do schedule special hunts at locations that we have determined to be active in the past.  We do ask, in these situations, for a reasonable tour fee to cover expenses.  Again, we advise scheduling well in advance.  So use that contact information today!

Why should you choose PRT?

We are the real deal.  Don't get it twisted, there are some quality people in the field.  But few are committed to client interaction the way that our team is.  Quite a few teams are just out to prove the existence of ghosts and other entities.  We don't need to prove it, we already have that answer.

What we are committed to doing, is to answer the old 5 Ws that we all learned in elementary school. We want to answer the "Who, What, Why, When, Where, and even How" for you. We're going to follow through to the end and not just stir things up and then leave you hanging, as some teams may do.

It may be a hobby for some, but it's serious business for PRT!

Interested in Joining?

If you're someone who's had an interest in being a part of a reputable team and you're willing to learn from the best in the business, just hit the button!.